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Measuring mental firepower

Cognitive ability tests and SJTs

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to perform well at work (except maybe at NASA), but you do need to be smart enough to respond effectively to the problem solving, analysis, and decision-making challenges the job throws at you.

To help you understand the thinking and judgement abilities of people at work, Psycruit offers you these choices:

  • Utopia high-level verbal, numerical, and abstract critical reasoning tests
  • B2C mid-level verbal, numerical, checking, and abstract reasoning tests
  • CWS blue-collar verbal, numerical, and mechanical reasoning tests
  • Criterion situational judgement tests for customer service, graduates, and leaders

Getting the right results

Our online psychometrics platform Psycruit, makes sure that the scores you get from these measures of maximum performance are right:

  • Randomised items, checks and deterrents to minimise candidate dissimulation
  • Online verification of candidate results - detect efforts to deceive
  • Traffic light scores for candidate sifting through to next stage
  • Interviewer-friendly candidate reports
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